Guns of Glory is 3: Win Up to $20,000 and a Huge Ambassador Role in its Anniversary Event

Guns of Glory is about to turn three, and if you haven’t played this unique slice of mobile real-time strategy gaming goodness then you’ve been missing out.

While most mobile MMOs stick to the same tired fantasy formula, Guns of Glory takes its inspiration from the history books. It’s set just before the industrial revolution, in the time of the Musketeers, and it pits you against a dude called the Cardinal.

Gameplay-wise, Guns of Glory sees you building up your cavalry of Musketeers, managing resources, training troops, building alliances, raiding enemies, and much more. It’s a unique slice of historical strategy gaming on mobile – with a bit of fantasy sprinkled on top, in the form of a few steampunk staples such as airships and alchemy.  

In the last three years, Guns of Glory has been downloaded over 80 million times, and it’s taken the number one spot on Google play in 21 of them, and on the iOS App Store in 65. A pretty impressive record going into its third anniversary. 

To celebrate, developer FunPlus is hosting a series of in-game events and, more importantly, a huge competition with awesome prizes.

Between September the 3rd and September the 18th players will be able to compete for the role of Glory Ambassador, as well as a huge cash prize of $20,000. The first runner-up will pocket $10,000, meanwhile, and $5,000 will go to third place. 20 other nominees will win bumper in-game packs of loot. 

The Glory Ambassadorship is a dream role for any self-respecting Guns of Glory superfan, allowing them to be the all important conduit between the game’s community and its developers. Just think of all the power (and, yes, the responsibility). 

Entering the contest involves making three separate submissions: an image, a video, and a review. For more details, just head to the official Guns of Glory Facebook page and scan the recent posts for instructions. 

Good luck!

You can pick up Guns of Glory for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.