GWENT is Now Taking Closed Beta Sign Ups on iOS

If you really can’t wait to check out GWENT on iOS, we’ve got good news for you. CD Projekt Red is now taking closed beta sign ups.

This is exclusive to iOS, and will allow you to get early access and test the card battler before release if you’re one of the lucky ones.

GWENT is Coming to iOS Globally Later This Month

To get a chance of trying it early, head on over to the official site right now and input your email address. Your email will need to be associated with a GOG account to participate in the beta.

Gwent is the official standalone release of the card battler made popular in The Witcher 3. It’s already available on PC and consoles, but is coming to iOS globally later this month.

If you don’t fancy the beta, you can pre-order it right now on the App Store to install it as soon as it’s available on iOS.