Hack-and-Slash Roguelite Skeletal Avenger On Sale

Fancy playing a vengeful skeleton with a penchant for pulling off its head and chucking it at its enemies? Don’t want to pay full price to do it? Then we’ve got some good news for you – 10Tons’ excellent hacky slashy roguelite Skeletal Avenger is currently on sale.

The game is a dungeon crawler that sees you taking on the role of the titular necrotic destroyer. You’re mashing anything that comes too close, tossing out your noggin to perform hat-specific special attacks.

Every run you’re going to get different perks to equip – there are 50 of them – and trinkets too. You’ll strap on new gear, kill anything that looks you funny and have a pretty darn good time while you’re doing it. Here’s a trailer.

The game comes from the dev team behind the excellent Tesla Force, and offers a fresh take on the dungeon crawler. There’s always something new in the procedurally generated levels, and there’s a frantic fun to the violence that’s going to leave you perched on the edge of whatever seat you’re playing on.

And right now you can pick up the game for almost 70% less than usual. Normally it’d set you back $5.99, but right now you can grab it for the super low price of just $1.99. That’s a bargain. You can click here to download Skeletal Avenger from the App Store right this second.