Halfbrick Tease Mysterious… New Game?

ufo1-720x352Halfbrick Studios, the Australian indie developer behind mega-popular iOS games such as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, have set tongues wagging with a wonderfully mysterious teaser trailer which recently appeared on their blog.

The video opens with Halfbrick’s Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen delivering a piece to camera about this weekend’s PAX Australia event, when all of a sudden filming is interrupted by what looks like a meteor or stricken spacecraft hurtling rapidly earthward!

Guesses as to exactly what the 18-second teaser is teasing range from a new update for one of Halfbrick’s existing properties, such as Jetpack Joyride or the more recently released Fish Out Of Water, to an as-yet unannounced sci-fi game. We’re likely to find out more when Halfbrick put in an appearance at PAX.

Source: Halfbrick Blog