Hanger Review

Ever wondered what stickmen and stickwomen do for kicks? Well, wonder no more — it turns out they enjoy nothing better than a spot of swinging. Swinging through caves and other danger-fraught locales using a grappling hook, that is! Try this bizarre extreme sport for yourself in A Small Game’s Hanger (Out Now, $0.99), an all-new iOS iteration of the immensely popular series of free browser-based titles.

The aim of each of Hanger’s 30-odd levels is the same: guide a thrill-seeking lil’ stickperson toward the exit, ensuring they don’t get too badly mangled by jutting bits of scenery and other obstacles along the way.

A pair of directional arrows positioned on the left-hand side of the touchscreen allow you to swing back and forth and build up momentum, while an action button on the right takes care of both firing and then disengaging your grappling hook. All in all, the controls are pretty simple and work flawlessly once you get the hang of them (no pun). Which is just as well, since levels do become quite complex and figuring out how to make it to the end of each in (at least) one piece can be a considerable challenge.

Over the course of Hanger’s lengthy ‘Normal’ mode, the basic gameplay remains unchanged, which means things can feel a little tedious if you play the game for an extended period of time. That being said, the delightfully freaky level design and lashings of hilariously crude, cartoony ultra-violence go a long way toward glossing over the inherent repetitiveness of the premise. Beyond the main game, there’s a hugely addictive ‘Endless’ mode to try, as well as Game Center goodies like achievements and a leaderboard. Overall, Hanger comes highly recommended.

iFanzine Verdict: A brilliantly simple and simply brilliant little game that boasts delightfully freaky level design and lashings of hilariously crude, cartoony ultra-violence!