Hardlight Studios Add Another Character to ‘Sonic Dash’, Soft Launch ‘Crazy Taxi: City Rush’


Although I might begin sounding as if I’m a broken record at this point, the Sonic fan community has triumphed at yet another community challenge set forth in Sonic Dash (our review). However — with Cream the Bunny now unlocked — one has to wonder if this might possibly be the end for the update chain, seeing as how the game already contains: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Silver and Rouge. Without digging into tertiary characters like the Chaotix — or perhaps an extremely undesired Big the Cat revival — there simply isn’t much left of any significance, except for maybe a Mecha Sonic boss round.

Perhaps this timing has been entirely deliberate — however — as Hardlight Studios, the developers of Sonic Dash, have recently been hard at work on a whole new project: Crazy Taxi: City Rush! Constructed in collaboration with aid from Kenji Kanno himself, the man whom designed the original arcade racing classic, this release brings an all new town and updated graphics to long time fans of the series. Although this app has been designed around the freemium model, Hardlight Studios — through all of their efforts on Sonic Dash — have already shown that they can execute IAPs in a fair and just manner.

As we here at iFanzine aren’t one to shy away from an updated SEGA classic, especially when it’s being offered for the low-low price of absolutely free, expect to see our review of Crazy Taxi: City Rush in the near future.