Hardware review: HONOR GS Pro

Sometimes we like to review hardware on iFanzine, such as this latest watch from HONOR. It’s an impressive piece of kit, but is still not without its flaws.

It’s towards those who like to spend their weekends exploring the great outdoors rather than sitting inside – with this perhaps signalled by the fact that these latest iterations of the watch come in Camo Blue and Camo Grey editions. The nylon strap also shows this is a device designed for endurance.

What is initially striking about the HONOR GS Pro is how light it is though – as despite its rugged design it feels almost weightless when it’s on your wrist. 

This is just as well seeing as it’s focused on fitness though, but is backed up with an impressive set of GPS navigation features. A GPS Route Back Function is part of this, which helps guide you back to your set start point. There are also multiple weather alerts and sunrise/sunset notifications options.

These features are all easy to understand and make use of thanks to the simple yet effective user interface HONOR have employed too.

This is put to the test by the fact the HONOR GS Pro supports more than 100 workout modes – yet these are all surprisingly simple to navigate. Although we didn’t attempt the mountain climbing mode the hiking and running options were easy to find, select, and make use of. 

Checking our heart rate and sleep quality was a breeze too. This is not a watch that looks to overcomplicate or confuse with unnecessary fluff.

Although the stated 25 day battery life isn’t completely accurate in our experience – that would require barely using the features listed above we think – this is certainly a piece of tech you won’t have to charge every week, let alone every day.

We also encountered no issues with wear and tear. In fact we dropped our HONOR GS Pro a few times – by accident, of course – and it seemed no worse for it. Exposure to the elements – including sleeting rain – saw it perform admirably too.

Ultimately the HONOR GS Pro doesn’t quite fully live up to all its promises – but it certainly looks the part, and has more than enough well thought out features to make it well worth considering for those looking for a smartwatch that really helps aid your fitness regime. Or just one that will simply encourage you to get out more.

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is now officially on sale and you can find more details on the official HONOR website here.