The image is the banner for Haze Piece where we see Luffy heading into combat with a fierce dragon.

Haze Piece Sword Tier List

In need of a Haze Piece Sword tier list to help you decide which blade is simply the best? I know I’d personally go for Wado Ichimonji, if it was in game of course! Anyway, let’s get to showcasing these blades.

Haze Piece brings the wonderful adventures of One Piece right into Roblox. This massively fun RPG combat game transports you to the world of pirates! Set sail on this new adventure where you complete quests, defeat bosses, and become the highest Berry bounty pirate across all the servers!

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Haze Piece Sword Tier List – Meet The Blades!

  • S-Tier – OP! Can’t beat the best.
  • A-Tier – A worthy sword. These blades are really strong!
  • B-Tier – The average blades. They’re pretty decent!
  • C-Tier – Great for beginners! Though don’t settle for less.
  • D-Tier – We don’t love these, but maybe you do?


Yoru (Dark Blade) – Gamepass only (currently the strongest in-game! Props to Mihawk)

Krampus Scythe – Gamepass exclusive again!

Shusui – High power and high damage blade, plus it looks incredible

Raiu Sword – Obtained through the NPC behind the Skull on Skull Island

Operation Blade – Sold by Magma Minion for 250k$

3 Sword Style – Maybe I am biased but did you expect me to put Zoro’s blades any lower than S? (They’re also just incredibly OP in-game anyway)

Mace V2 – The significantly stronger counterpart to the Mace V1.

SeaBeast Hammer V2 – The significantly stronger version of the SeaBeast Hammer


Fishman Trident – Sold by Fork Merchant on Fishman Island

Enma – 10% drop from the Enma Boss!

Bisento V2 – Must own Bisento V1 first. Bisento V2 is a 20% drop from the TremorGirl boss.

2 Sword Style V2 – Obtain V1 from Mr. White for 100k$. Return the blade to him with book dropped by Dual Swordsman boss to upgrade to V2.

SeaBeast Hammer – 50% SeaBeast boss drop


Soul Cane – Sold by Mr. Skeleton for 100k$

Bisento V1 – Bought from Bella at Marine HQ for 500k$

Krampus Scythe – 7.5% drop from Krampus (currently unobtainable)

Golden Staff – 1% drop from Thunder God on Sky Island


Mace – 100% drop from Mace Boss

Shark Blade – 5% boss drop from Shark Boss at Shark Park

2 Sword Style – Sold by Mr. White in Logue City for 100k$


Pipe – Obtained through Soba at Marine Base Town

Katana – Beginners blade sold on starter island. Holds the same damage as base combat.

When Do We Update Our List?

We refresh our lists whenever new blades are added to the game which obstruct the current power scaling. That, or when an update is released which also changes the statistics we currently have.

On a final note, tier lists are always subjective! We pulled our sources from in-game experience, player feedback, and research. What we think is great, you might not agree with and that’s ok! Feel free to drop a comment if you have a different order for the tiers.