HellKid gets a Heavenly update

I fell head over heels for Hellkid: Hook and Jump when I first took it for a spin back in Febuary, calling the game “devilishly addictive” and “fiendishly fun.” Well, JustNine have released the biggest and best update yet, and damned if I’m not hooked all over again!

Check out the hot new features and gameplay video below:

What’s New

Item shop: From item shop, you buy the items that you can use to run faster/slower and jump higher/lower. However, you can also get the raven that can save you from falling into the pits!

Patterned Stages: Random stages can be tricky and hard. For those people having hard time with random stages, we came up with the patterned stages.

Road of Perseverance: Continuous Small Pits

Road of Queerness: Continuous Bone Towers

2010 Soccer Mode: Now your characters can dribble while he’s running, jumping and hooking!

Additional Achievements: We all know we all play for titles: Play more, enjoy more titles and achievements

Character Balancing

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