Help ‘The Dreamland Chronicles’ Digital Trading Card Game Become a Reality on Kickstarter


Scott Hyman — the founder of Protobird Games — recently became disparaged when his son went looking for a tablet based trading card game, for none of the options available attempted to properly capture the joy of collecting cards within a child safe environment. After first deciding that his company should take action, so as to remedy this state of affairs, Scott immediately knew that there was only one property worthy of being the subject matter for his grand mission: The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava. For those of you whom are not already familiar, The Dreamland Chronicles is an entirely CGI produced web comic — with over 1700 pages currently made available — that regularly attracts around 30 million different visitors worldwide.

6b9a4dd513812151d91e84df8b46df83_largeWith a primary emphasis on trading and collecting, Protobird’s planned CCG would feature robust tools for perusing your collection — easily managing it into various decks — and afterwards setting up trades with people (whether or not they’re currently online). However, aiming to be more than just a Digital-CCG with robust card management and trading tools, The Dreamland Chronicles game will furthermore feature expansive animation throughout. Not only will every trading card be fully animated — and even change in appearance as they are leveled up — but the actual fights will be fully depicted as well, with characters engaging in fully rendered battlefield combat.

While Protobird has steadily been working on fleshing out the rules and structure of the game since 2012, they are currently in need of additional funds in order to go full bore with production. While they could easily have gone to any number of publishers for additional capital, they’ve instead chosen that maintaining complete control of the project was necessary in order to ensure a final game that is both fun and safe for younger users. To that end they’ve recently decided to bring their vision — complete with a $35,000 price tag — over to Kickstarter instead, of which the collective Dreamland Chronicles fan community has already responded by pledging nearly half that much so far.

97d7b5129a916ed4fad65d9aabd6d856_largeThose interested in helping The Dreamland Chronicles out can currently secure beta access for just five dollars, as well as receiving recognition in the game’s credits – a PDF of the web comic’s first graphic novel – and even an exclusive in game backer’s badge. While all of the above is already a lot of rewards, those whom choose to donate even further can receive prizes such as: additional starter packs, physical graphic novels, a stuffed “Paddington the Rock Giant” plushie, or even statues of the various characters. Meanwhile — for those whom are most heavily dedicated to the cause — there is the chance to not only be listed within the game’s credits as a producer, but to furthermore collaborate with Protobird in basing an actual card around your own personal likeness.

However, those currently interested in helping to make sure that The Dreamland Chronicles CCG becomes a full reality — rather than merely just a fantasy — should be sure to move fast as the project’s Kickstarter is currently set to end on May 2nd.