Help Kickstart Bexcellent Games’ ‘Jelly God’, a God Sim That Looks Good Enough to Eat

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Bexcellent Games has recently asked if gamers everywhere are up to the task of breathing life back into a dead and grey world, with colorful jellies being the only tool at their disposal. In Jelly God — an offbeat God Sim — players have the responsibility of simultaneously leading a village of multicolored jelly creatures to ever expanding success, all while cultivating life and color back into the world however they best see fit. Every object in the world can somehow be combined — colorized — and upgraded, and the key objective for players will to be to actively experiment and fully discover exactly how the mechanics of this strange world work.

While a player might initially find out that they are unable to erect new structures, they will soon discover that combining their starting blue and orange jellies in the pool of creation will lead to the invention of vital pink builder jellies. Furthermore, a farmable honeycomb tree can be created by combining random bees — after first being caught by orange jellies — with a nearby tree (which in the process will give color back to the tree). In this way Bexcellent Games plans for their unique God Sim to be entirely centered around creation and customization, rather than the heavy “destroy the rivals” based focus commonly found in most other God Sim titles.

jelly-god-03Accompanying Jelly God will be an entire soundtrack rendered by the one and only Jason Smith, a man whom has over twenty years of working in the fields of television and theatre under his belt. Some of his previous works have included the entirety of Disney/ABC’s televisions series Legend of the Seeker, as well as selected episodes of STARZ’s Spartacus in the role of music editor. In fact, the background music used in Bexcellent Games’ current trailer is by Jason Smith and serves as an indicator of the lively and bouncy direction he currently plans to take the entire Jelly God soundtrack.

Although the team of New Zealand developers currently plan to bring their quirky game to iOS and Windows PC users everywhere, they’re going to need funding in order to make that goal a reality. It is to this end that they recently approached the collective Kickstarter community with a request for $3,000 (NZD) in development capital, with which more than $1,000 (NZD) having so far been secured. Although things are looking rather good right now, with an entire 21 days still remaining, there’s still much work to be done if Jelly God is to be successfully funded by the time September 20th arrives.

Currently you can secure your own launch day PC copy of Jelly God via a Kickstarter Donation of just $15 (NZD), or $10 if you act quickly while limited slots remain (sadly — as is often the case — iTunes’ rules made it impossible to offer iOS copies to backers). Meanwhile — for those even more dedicated to the plight of bouncing colorful jellies everywhere — additional backer rewards include: beta access, t-shirts, mugs, exclusive backer game content, the chance to help design an in-game item, and much more! However — for those who like collecting Kickstarter swag — the ultimate reward is a Jelly God themed lunchbox produced by Yubo, a company whom exclusively designs 100% dishwasher safe hardy lunchboxes intended for actual repeated usage in every day life.