Help Kickstart ‘Mini Racing Adventures’, an Enormously Fun Looking Side-Scrolling Racer


Martin Nitro Minimo — or MnM as his friends call him, assuming he ever had any — is a man desperately trying to prove something; more specifically, he’s trying to show his family that he can be a racer too. However, when you’re directionally challenged — and worse yet live in a family where your father, mother, uncle, and even pet Gecko are all way better drivers — this is not an easy feat to accomplish! So goes the premise to Minimo Studio’s Mini Racing Adventures, a side-scrolling physics based racing title — featuring bright cartoonish graphics — that draws heavy inspiration from games such as Excite Bike.

As you play through the app — grabbing coins along the way — you’ll eventually unlock access to new tracks, upgrades, outfits, and rides (all of which work quite differently) that Martin can then use to prove himself. The developers currently have five different levels — as well as ten wildly different rides — prepared for Martin’s journey, but further claim that they’ll likely have far more than ready when Mini Racing Adventures is completed. The game’s ultimate goal — above all else — is to be accessible enough for nearly anyone to pick up straight from the get-go, yet challenging enough — like many an NES game — to keep players coming back time and time again to further hone their racing technique.


However — in order to bring all of their whacky titling, costume wearing, and vehicle upgrading action to iOS and Android users everywhere — Minimo Studio currently still has one major problem to conquer. Even though the team has already been working on Mini Racing Adventures for over six whole months, they now realize that they’re not yet even halfway towards completing their vision. Currently — rather than seeking help from a publisher, who in turn would get control over the game’s development and monetization strategy — they’ve chosen to instead solve this dilemma by approaching Kickstarter. Although Kickstarter’s community has so far provided them with over $1,300 — in a time span of ten days, no less — there’s still much work to be done if Martin is ever going to cross that $5,000 finish line by the time his March 18th deadline finally arrives.

For anyone seeking a brightly colored 2D physics driving game, wherein you can endlessly plow MnM’s head into solid objects at awkward/painful angles, a donation of just $5 is all that’s needed to secure early beta-testing access to Mini Racing Adventures. Meanwhile, for those most dedicated to Martin’s success — or perhaps just his humiliation — additional backer rewards include: an ad-free version of the game, a digital Martin comic book, a 3D Martin figurine, a physical production art-book, and so much more! However, for those impeccably dedicated to winning at any cost, high-end tiers even exist where you may help design entire levels — sweet rides for Martin to nearly kill himself with — and even become one of the many rivals that Martin must somehow beat!