Help Kickstart Particle Shield, an Action-Packed yet Thought-Provoking Tower Defense Game


Dustin Roberts recently pitched to the Kickstarter community his plans for a unique Tower Defense game that he’s been working on since August 2014, a game that he calls Particle Shield. In it players will be tasked with defending themselves across 37 stages from an onslaught of radioactive particles, which — to make things more interesting — are capable of changing their travel path in response to your strategies. Thus players will have to react to not only the specific properties of any given particle, they’ll also need to remain fluid enough to mix things up on the fly whenever a new path is chosen.

To aid players in this endeavor will be a variety of towers based on either current, or upcoming/predicted technologies, that all have special powers when players upgrade them to maximum level. While upgradeable towers by themselves wouldn’t be a unique — or even vaguely novel — idea anymore, the super-power of each tower is specifically based around an actual scientific principle accurate to the specific technology in question. It is Dustin Robert’s hope that — by playing through and mastering Particle Shield — people will passively learn much about actual science, making his game potentially a form of edutainment as well.

Kickstarter has — in turn — responded quite well to Dustin’s request for $2,000 in additional development funds, so as to polish Particle Shield to a luster, with the pledge total now sitting at a very successful $3,600. Furthermore, Dustin Roberts has explained that — once he finishes up the initial PC release of Particle Shield — porting the game over to various mobile platforms is his next top priority. Although the Kickstarter is currently set to close successfully, there’s still nearly two days left should any of you suddenly have an urge to get in on Particle Shield’s ground floor while there’s still time.

Currently, although supplies are technically limited, you can secure your very own PC copy of Particle Shield for a donation of just $5 (although it has been said people will also be able to retroactively choose to the mobile app, should it be finished soon enough). Meanwhile — for those whom donate beyond the base amount — additional rewards include: beta tester access, your name in the credits, a complete manual explaining the work that went into Particle Shield’s design, the chance to help design a level, and more! However — should you now find yourself interested in helping with Dustin Robert’s novel idea — it’s important that you remember to act quickly, for Particle Shield’s Kickstarter is currently set to close on September 3rd.