Help Kickstart ‘Splat It!,’ a Potential Masterpiece in the Making

ad15139b903793fd9cd070d8b59e4b18_originalA French painter was working on a Mondrian-styled piece of art one morning when a terrible tragedy suddenly struck, for he discovered that his paint supply had vanished entirely. The crafty culprits seemed to be an assortment of squishy creatures whom had taken it upon themselves to eat all of the artist’s paint reserves, and — to make matters worse — he didn’t have the money required to go out and buy more. That painter — not yet willing to admit defeat — then had an epiphany as to how his masterpiece could still be completed, and thus he began smashing the paint-filled creatures against his canvas.

Splat It! challenges players to quickly grab scurrying creatures — of various colors — and then drag them to the spots they’re needed, and afterwards smash them in order to finish their painting. While the primary-colored creatures will be fairly simple to catch, the secondary-colored miscreants will be far quicker — and move in far complexer patterns — in order to thwart players’ attempts to finish their paintings. This action — which aims to be delivered on both iOS and Android — will transpire across an endless array of randomly generated canvases, thus ensuring that the paint-filled fun never has to stop.

In order to finish this project, Simone Guggiari — a game developer hailing from Lugano, Switzerland — recently approached Kickstarter’s community with a request for Fr 1,000 (an amount roughly equal to $1,000). To help people decide whether or not they’d be interested in helping to back this paint-filled vision, Simone has made available a web-based Unity-driven game-play demonstration. Those interested can currently secure for themselves a launch day iOS/Android copy of Splat It! for just $2, yet they’ll need to be sure that their donations have been properly chipped in before November 27th arrives.