Help Kickstart ‘Starblitzer’, a Retro-Style Shoot’em Up Inspired by Classics ‘Gradius’ and ‘Defender’

Although the idea of a seamless fusion of Shoot’em Up and Graphic Adventure sensibilities is all fine and dandy, sometimes you find yourself wanting a game providing just one style. It is for this reason that Garrett Bacak and Brad Thompson recently announced their plans for Starblitzer, a game purely inspired by classical side scrolling Shoot’em Ups such as Gradius and Defender. Claiming to have already been working on Starblitzer for a while now, the duo recently approached Kickstarter with a request for the $1,800 needed to cover their project’s artwork — music — and software licensing fees.

With $500 so far raised — and a whopping 22 days still remaining — it currently looks rather likely that Starblitzer will successfully be funded, and possibly even beyond that! The developers have already proclaimed that should their fundraiser take in $4,000 — a fairly plausible target — they will additionally work on a fully-fledged campaign mode for Starblitzer, rather than only featuring a randomized endless mode. Should this happen, all backers — within a 30 day period after the Kickstarter’s ending — will be permitted to submit proposals for challenging boss monsters set to appear within this campaign mode.

Anyways — for those interested — a pledge of just $5 is all that’s currently needed to secure your very own launch day “Pro Edition” copy of Starblitzer (this “Pro Edition” will include the entire campaign mode, if funded, absolutely free of any extra cost). Meanwhile — for those even more dedicated to the eradication of aliens everywhere — additional rewards include: signed copies of the soundtrack, a physical production art book, and much more! However — should you be intrigued — it’s vital that you be sure to chip in your donations before March 12th arrives, or else Garrett Bacak and Brad Thompson will never be able to power-up Starblitzer into its ultimate alien blasting form.