Help Kickstart ‘The Incredible Baron’, a ‘Pokémon’-Inspired Reverse Tower Defense Game


It is the late 19th century, and the Incredible Baron has set forth to catalogue and study animals everywhere — preferably by blasting them with his trusty flintlock pistol — all in the name of SCIENCE! It won’t be easy (especially since the creatures don’t exactly seem to want the Incredible Baron’s SCIENCE to be enacted upon them), and there’s also an evil man — named Norab — who hopes to beat the Baron to all of the SCIENCE! The Baron — however — is not alone on his mission, for once he enacts enough SCIENCE upon a critter he will be able to mass produce that varmint as a means to further expedite his ability to bring glorious SCIENCE to the entire world!

Thus goes the premise to The Incredible Baron, an upcoming game by FlatRedBall Studios that they’ve described as a reverse Tower Defense game mixed with elements of Pokémon. In the game you are tasked with pushing forward to the right most end of a side scrolling — 16-bit inspired — map, all while not allowing the oncoming onslaught of wildlife to overrun your personal base. To do this you’ll need manage two valuable resources (which recharge over time): Gold (which you use to construct facilities, and replicate fauna and flora), and ability points (that let you use your mighty research tools).

IncredibleBaron3However, you can’t actually replicate a creature you’ve researched with SCIENCE — or even activate one of your many powerful research tools — unless you first have a place to store them. Therefore — during the early portions of each mission — you must race against time to construct various facilities on your end of the map, facilities that must then be protected lest you should want the oncoming wildlife to rip them back down. Players will need to carefully decide which tools and creatures to bring with them on each SCIENCE field trip, as well as how to build things in an optimum fashion, if they wish to triumph!

With over 45 promised creatures to research via the mighty powers of SCIENCE — 30 story based stages to campaign through — and an extra 60 challenge levels to test your mettle against, The Incredible Baron certainly is looking to be a pinnacle iOS experience. However, in order to fully realize all of the Baron’s amazing SCIENCE — and furthermore to not starve in the progress — the staff over at FlatRedBall Studios have recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $8,000 in development funds. To help people decide if the Baron’s SCIENCE is truly worth such generous support, they’ve additionally provided people with a free six level demo chock-full of SCIENCE action!

Currently a mere pledge of just $5 dollars is all that’s needed to help further the Baron’s goals of spreading SCIENCE to people hither and yonder, and you’ll also receive a copy of his game — The Incredible Baron — for either iOS, Android, or Windows afterwards. Meanwhile — for those magnanimous people even more dedicated to furthering the art of SCIENCE — additional compensation includes: exclusive backer only creatures and tools, the chance to appear in-game as an NPC, a printed copy of Baron’s research, and more! However, should you now find within yourself a burning passion to help fund the glorious art of SCIENCE — thus enabling FlatRedBall to publish their game in a 100% IAP free format — then you must be sure to chip in your donations before February 15th.

Remember, SCIENCE awaits!