Help Kickstart ‘Tsioque’, an Absolutely Gorgeous Hand-Animated Graphic Adventure Game


Alek Wasilewski, along with the aid of OhNoo Studio, has been toiling away these last two years upon a rather ambitious project that he calls Tsioque (which I believe rhymes with shock). When Tsioque’s mother — the golden haired queen — leaves to fight against a terrible phoenix setting her entire kingdom ablaze, the royal wizard — having made a pact with infernal forces — proclaims himself in charge and seizes the castle! Although his dark minions eventually managed to captured Tsioque, they’ll soon discover that this girl — with her talent for bringing about havoc and chaos — is not about to take this lying down.

Of course it’s not going to just be a merry little jaunt over to the wizard’s lair, since — beyond the aforementioned infernal minions — the wizard’s dark magic has caused the queen’s castle to begin twisting and shifting. There were already a great many secrets dwelling in this place before the wizard took over, and along the way Tsioque will have to deal whatever unsavory things the dark wizard’s meddling may have unleashed. In a world filled to the gills with so much peril, players shouldn’t be surprised if they accidentally lead Tsioque towards quite a few untimely demises of every sort imaginable.


Inspired on by games such as Day of the Tentacle, Heart of Darkness, the Pajama Sam series, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and even Dragon’s Lair, the project aims to be a graphic adventure filled to the brim with hand drawn frame-by-frame animation. With the animation so far being helmed by Alek Wasilewski — whom previously worked on the critically acclaimed short film: Lucky Day Forever — Tsioque’s animation is currently shaping up to be amazing, and yet that’s also where the game’s dilemma exists. Alek has realized that — after two solid years spent upon Tsioque — that colossally dedicating himself alone was becoming massively detrimental to his family life, which was somewhat ironic considering that he started the project as a gift for his daughter.

It is for this reason that Alek and OhNoo Studio turned towards Kickstarter with a request for $35,000, so that they would be able to hire additional artists to help them with Tsioque’s colossal animation needs. With over $13k already donated — and twenty six days remaining — the odds of Tsioque becoming a reality currently seems fairly positive, yet with $45k the game would additionally be arriving on the iOS (with more languages). Beyond that lie stretch goals which aim to delve into the dark wizard’s mysterious motives, expand upon the kingdom’s lore in various ways, and even ensure that Tsioque contains a plethora of uniquely animated death scenes for players to enjoy/suffer from.

Those intrigued should check out the freely available game play demo, and after which — should their interest hold solid — they may secure their own PC launch copy for just $10. However — for those extra dedicated to toppling the wizard’s scheme — additional rewards include: being listed in the credits, digital soundtrack downloads, copies of other OhNoo Studio games, a digital art book, the official backer t-shirt, plushies, and so much more! Finally — for those with an extra $2.5k on hand — you can even have your likeness featured prominently upon one of the castle’s many frescoes depicting past heroes, as well as rake in all of Tsioque’s other stated rewards.

Those still interested in Tsioque need to be sure that they properly chip in their donations before September 5th rolls around, otherwise it may well be a very long time before Alek Wasilewski finishes animating the entire ambitious project all by himself.