Help Purple: This Perfectly Adorable ‘Point-and-Touch’ Adventure is Coming Soon. Yay!

Gameday have pencilled their newest iOS game, Help Purple, in for a release later this month and cranked up the ol’ marketing engine in celebration. Hot on the heels of a teaser trailer and a pretty kooky promotional video, the Korean indie studio just unveiled a batch of super-cute screenshots and a new gameplay trailer for this intriguing “point-and-touch” adventure.

Now, I’m not usually one to be swayed by bright, primary colors and a cutesy aesthetic, but, if I’m perfectly honest, Help Purple has mostly managed to grab my attention thanks to an über-quirky art-style. Oh, and it’s got adorable cycloptic critters in it. What can I say — I’ve had something of a soft-spot for beasties of the one-eyed variety ever since Monsters Inc.!

In a recent press release, our friends at Gameday also revealed some interesting storyline details and hinted at what players can expect gameplay-wise from Help Purple when it arrives on the App Store in mid-Febuary:

“There’s a small village of weather gods in the clouds. Snow god Nix, rain god Imber, and the Arcuses — the seven gods that color the rainbow — all live there.

One day, Huge Monster emerges and rampages through the village, swallowing everyone except Purple. Purple enters Huge’s mouth to save his friends. You are Purple’s helper. You will remove the rocks blocking paths or reconnect broken bridges to help him advance with his journey. This point-and-touch adventure game features special collection items that can be traded with other players for additional fun.”

All in all, Help Purple looks and sounds as if it’s going to be an adorable and accessible entry to iOS’ library of point-and-click adventure games with some rather nifty bonus features.