Here’s a Brand New Gameplay Trailer for Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters, the team-based hero shooter set in a galaxy far, far away, has been bubbling around in the minds of mobile gamers for a while now. And Zynga has just released a new trailer showing the game in action.

Hunters sees you picking a character and then taking them into battle in a team of three others. You’ll fight it out on battlefields reminiscent of famous locations in the Star Wars universe. There’s a frozen AT-AT and some natty looking treehouses.

The characters appear pretty interesting too, and the trailer shows off some of the special moves they can use. Here it is so you can watch it with your own eyes.

The game is currently available in soft-launch on Android, and there’s set to be a small-scale iOS release in the not-too-distant future as well. You can find out more about Star Wars: Hunters at its official website here. There’s a pre-registration program running on the website too.

We’ll let you know as and when we hear more about Star Wars: Hunters. Right now the game is scheduled for release in the early part of 2022, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it.