Here’s How to Unlock Shadow in ‘Sonic Dash’ for Free

Sonic Dash (our review) is a shining example of an endless runner done right on iOS. What’s also hugely impressive is the level of post-launch love SEGA’s Hardlight studio have lavished on the game; pumping out frequent updates, making it free-to-play, and now rewarding fans for their support by giving them the chance to unlock a fan favorite Sonic character – Shadow the Hedgehog – for free.

500px-32,343,0,310-ShadsIf you fancy getting your mitts on this badass playable character, as well as some other as yet undisclosed in-game rewards, all you’ve got to do is partake in Sonic Dash‘s “first ever global challenge.”

Here’s the relevant snippet from the press release SEGA sent us:

SEGA is excited to announce the first ever global challenge for Sonic Dash where players have the chance to take part in a cooperative event to see how far the community can run together. With this challenge, gamers can get speed towards the goal of cumulatively running, in-game, the equivalent of a monumental 100 laps around the world before the challenge ends on 5th August. Each player’s individual runs will contribute to the total distance completed and rewards will be unlocked at set milestones. Participating gamers will be rewarded with the ultimate prize and receive Shadow the Hedgehog as a playable character for free if the challenge is completed in time.