Here’s How to Unlock Cream the Bunny as a Playable Character for Free in ‘Sonic Dash’

242px-Cream(Modern)It would seem that those hackers in the Sonic fan community are right once more, for SEGA and Hardlight Studios have just revealed that the subject of their newest Sonic Dash (our review) character challenge is — in fact — none other than Cream the Bunny. This time around, as part of SEGA’s slightly belated Easter celebration, players must collectively strive to acquire as many of the randomly appearing Easter Eggs as they possibly can. However, those interested in freely obtaining Cream the Bunny should act fast — as well as furiously — for there is currently a mere eleven days remaining within which to complete this challenge.

In still other news, Hardlight Studios has just added a new feature to Sonic Dash wherein the game itself has the ability to post game play videos to the internet — upon your behalf — whenever you desire. This new function should be especially welcome to those eager to show off their mad skills, as recording high-quality iOS game play footage has long been a tricky objective to achieve. Those owning either an iPhone 5 — or iPod Touch 5 — can immediately begin availing themselves of this latest ability, whereas those with older models — such as the iPhone 4 — must electively turn it on due to the required resources.