Hero Ball Z is a Shooter With a Twist, Out Now for iPad and iPhone

Hero Ball Z might look like your standard shooter, but looks can be deceiving. The shooting here is actually out of your control. What is in your control is merging together the mighty heroes who are doing that blasting.

Rather than swooping around the screen chucking bombs and laser beams at alien invaders, here you’re building up your army. Combine heroes to make stronger heroes. Keep combining to make awesomely powerful badasses who can take down waves of baddies with ease.

Essentially it’s a mixture of an idle battler, a stuff-merging midcore experience and a strategic scrapper. You’re not just joining heroes, you need to upgrade them and level them up as well. The better your army, the more carnage you can unleash.

On top of all of that, the game looks incredible. It’s got a gorgeous anime style, filled with massive explosions and huge neon beams of death. There’s a story rumbling along here too that ties all of the carnage together.

Sure, it might not test your hand-eye coordination, but Hero Ball Z manages to bland together chaos and calm in some pretty surprising ways. Everything pops and fizzes when it needs to, and there’s a compulsive thud to the experience that’ll keep you coming back for more.

If that’s interested you, then why not give the game a go? You can click here to grab Hero Ball Z from the App Store right this second. It won’t cost you anything to give the game a go, so we reckon it’s worth it.