The featured image for our Hero Wars Skyship Battles guide, featuring a hero fighting a red dragon with a sword. The dragon has the hero almost stuck in it's jaws.

Hero Wars Skyship Battles Guide (2023)

Are you wondering what all the new Skyship Battles are about? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a Hero Wars Skyship Battles guide that’ll teach you all about the newly added mini-game, with a focus on how you can win the majority of your battles.

Hero Wars is a mobile RPG battle game that’s available on iOS and Android. For information about the game, check out the official Hero Wars website. For more RPG guides, check out our Hero Wars tier list, World II World tier list & reroll guide, and our Fire Emblem: Engage tier list.

Hero Wars Skyship Battles Guide

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand!


We’ll kick off the guide by talking a little about what Skyship Battles is.

Skyship Battles is the latest mini-game that’s been added to Hero Wars. Skyship Battles focuses on a battle in the sky between two battleships. Instead of controlling heroes on the ground, you’ll now be controlling your own Skyship in an intense 1v1 battle.

How To Win Hero Wars Skyship Battles

On the surface, the game sounds pretty simple. But if you play the new game mode, you’ll realise there’s a bit more technique involved!

There’s certain target points that you want to aim for when shooting your cannons. The target points in question are the enemy ship’s cannons. Hitting the ship is good – but if you can hit these specific points, then you’ll be able to bring down the opposing ship much quicker than it can bring yours down.

Another target that we recommend you aim for is the enemy ship’s shield generator. Destroying this will knock out their shields, leaving the ship vulnerable. You should aim for the shield generator when it’s being used to shield a cannon that you want to specifically get rid of.

Just like the enemy, you can also use a shield generator to protect your weak spots. You’ll want to focus the shield’s effort on a cannon that’s taking heavy fire from the enemy, as it will slow down their process.

After a while of blasting the enemy ship, you’ll eventually build up your ultimate. You’ll know when this is available, because it will appear in the bottom left of the screen. Using this can completely turn the tide of battle, so we recommend you use it when possible!

About The Game

Hero Wars is a mobile RPG that involves you collecting heroes, building up a team, and sending them out into battles against your opponents. You’ll level up, unlock new equipment and skills, and battle the powerful Archdemon.