‘Heroes Reborn: Enigma’ Is February’s IGN Free Game of the Month

I’ve heard some not so great things about Heroesso I’ve never bothered checking it out on any of my frequent Netflix binge-watching marathons. I also skipped its recent reboot, Heroes: Reborn. Which was probably the right decision since it got the ax after only one season.

The tie-in game for iOS, Heroes Reborn: Enigma, sounds incredibly cool though — even to a non-fan of the show such as myself. It’s an Unreal Engine 4-powered action-platformer from Phosphor Games (the folks behind Horn and A Dark Meadow) that puts you in control of Dahlia, a young metahuman who must use powers like telekinesis and time shifting to solve puzzles and survive tests in order to escape captivity at a shady government facility. Since release, the game has scored well with critics and players alike, many of whom favorably compare it to Portal

If you fancy snagging a free copy of Heroes Reborn: Enigma and saving $4.99, simply head over to this page on IGN and click the big red button that says “get free game.”

Please note — you’ll need to go through the above link to generate your unique promo code; if you attempt to download the game directly from the App Store you’ll still be charged the full price. Codes are in limited supply and are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so act fast if you want one.

Source: IGN