featured image for our news on Hide N Seek Adventure. It features the top view of a structure (house) without a roof. we can see people/creatures hiding in the nooks and corners. The logo of the game is in the middle of the image in red, blue, yellow and white.

Hide N Seek Adventure Is An Asymmetric Multiplayer Game That Drops On February 29th

Mobirix is going to drop a new game Hide N Seek Adventure on mobile devices. It’s free to play and is expected to hit the App Store on February 29th. Mobirix is a Korean game publisher and developer known for many idle games like Super Cat, Lucifer, Dungeon & Evil, Hunter Demon Hunter, Ghost Hunter and Devil Knights. Some of their other games include Cave Driller and Water Sort Quest.

What’s Hide N Seek Adventure?

It’s like the old-school hide-and-seek but a digital version of it. You can play with up to 15 people and either join a team of five or a team of ten. The game basically asks, ‘Who’s going to be it?’ The team of ten will spend their time hiding from the smaller team.

Hide N Seek Adventure has 19 different levels, set in four kinds of places. There are a variety of locations to hide, from the inside of a hotel to out on a farm. You can also hide on beaches and the school hallways.

If you’re on the team that’s hiding, you can disguise yourself as stuff that pops up around the stage to blend in. But the seekers are on the lookout for these tricks. You also get special abilities at random, which help you find the hiders or stay hidden.  

Will You Be Trying It Out?

Hide N Seek Adventure comes in a bunch of languages, including English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. You can snatch the game from the App Store or hit up that pre-order before it officially launches the day after tomorrow. If you want more scoop on the game, just head to their official website. And check out their YouTube channel for some fun videos about their games.

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