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Hierro Plating Type Soul Guide

This Hierro Plating Type Soul Guide tells you how to get this item, what it is and its use. If you’ve got your hands on one, or want to, this is the guide for you!

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Hierro Plating Type Soul Guide

Hierro Plating is a rare item found within Type Soul. This Arrancar exclusive piece of kit allows Arrancar players to upgrade their Hierro. Quincy and Soul Reaper players have no use for Hierro Platings and won’t be able to farm them.

The Hierro Plating can only be used twice to upgrade an Arrancars Hierro, once to increase it from 10 to 15, and the final use to upgrade from 15 to 21. To use a Hierro Plating, you have to have transformed from a Hollow, Menos, Adjuchas or Vastocar into an Arrancar by pulling off your mask. When you’ve evolved to the desired stage, hit CTRL + M to pull off your mask and transform into an Arrancar.

How To Get Hierro Plating

Obtaining this gear can be done in multiple ways depending on your preferred playstyle and grind methods. One method is to defeat the Bawabawa boss in Hueco Mundo. You can get there by selecting the server dropdown tab from the top of the screen and selecting any server under the ‘HM’ initials. Unless you never left Hueco Mundo that is.

Bawabawa is a worm-like boss which spawns every 1hr 30 minutes of active server time. You’ll know he’s present if a white emblem is moving around the Hueco Mundo map as he wriggles and battles. Be careful! If you get too close you’ll not only be in range of his attacks, but those of other players. I recommend defeating him with long-range moves.

Alternatively, you can buy it from the Karakura Town Store, though stocks vary, or win Raids for a chance to get the Hierro Plating.