Highly Acclaimed Auto-scroller ‘On the Wind’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes on Sale

A freshly updated version of Don’t Step On The Cracks’ stunning iOS debut On The Wind (our review) just breezed onto the App Store. And to celebrate the game is now on sale at only $0.99!

“The original game appeals to a wide range of people but I’ve had comments stating that it was too hard to get to the end, and others who found it too easy and wanted more of a challenge,” says Don’t Step On The Cracks’ David Buttress. So, with that in mind, the V2 update adds two new gameplay modes — one that’s a lot more laid back and another that’s extra tricky — as well as lots of extra achievements to go with them:

Zen – Relax, you’re invulnerable. Just enjoy the view as you fly through the seasons.

EX – Faster, Harder, Shorter. If you’ve mastered original mode see how you do in EX mode.

We also had a bit of a chin-wag with David shortly after the original release of On the Wind, and you can check out that interview in its entirety here. Go on — it’s an absolutely fascinating read!