Hitchhiker is a Brilliant Mystery, Out Now on Apple Arcade

The hits just keep coming on Apple Arcade. This week’s release is the amazing Hitchhiker, a game all about identity, memory and getting into cars with strangers. It’s pretty damn special and you can pick it up now if you’ve got an Apple Arcade subscription.

The game sees you playing the titular hitcher, getting rides from five different strangers. There’s a mystery bubbling under all of your interactions, as you try and figure out who you are, what you’ve done and where you’re heading.

The writing here is spot on, and it’s going to leave you clamoring to find out what happens next. In a narrative-driven game, there’s not much more you can ask for than that. Oh, and it looks absolutely gorgeous as well.

You need to choose what to say to the characters who pick you up, building rapport and learning more and them and yourself as you go. There are twists, there are turns, and we mean that both in terms of the road and the story.

Put simply, Hitchhiker is brilliant and you should play it right this second. And if you want to do that you can click here to download it. You’ll need to have an Apple Arcade subscription, but as we’ve been banging on about that for ages, you’ve obviously already got one. Right?