Featured Image for Hitman: Blood Money. It features the main character Agent 47 and other characters such as Vaana Ketlyn, Alexander Leland Cayne and more.

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal Lands On iOS November 30th

Stepping into the shoes of 007 may be a distant dream for now, but stepping into the shoes of Agent 47? Not distant anymore! The iconic Hitman: Blood Money is getting a reprisal that’s coming to iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch on November 30th.

Priced at $14.99, the reprisal will have new features inspired by the later games in the series, such as Hitman: Sniper Challenge, Hitman Absolution and more. Basically, this edition will refine the action game to a trendier and cooler version of itself.

What’s Refined?

What makes Hitman: Blood Money popular is its unique gameplay experiences. It has great realistic features like a human shield, blood-shatter impact, and bullet trajectories, along with awesome variability.

Now, the reprisal will have a fully customisable touch interface and an Instinct mode that will let Agent 47 predict the movements of other characters.

The reprisal will also have a detailed minimap and take you through exciting locations like Paris and New Orleans. It will also comprise keyboard & mouse support. There will be 12 sandbox missions that you can play multiple times.

Feral Interactive, well-known for porting many popular franchises to mobile, is also in charge of the port.

 You can play the game only on iOS 16 or later, which means on iPhone 8 Plus and later models. You can also check the list of supported iPads for the game on their official patch notes. Swing by the App Store to pre-order the game.

The Backdrop

The first game of the Hitman franchise was published in 2000. Released in 2006, Hitman: Blood Money was the fourth game in the series. It’s often considered a cult classic in the stealth-action genre.  

The plot of Blood Money is a continuation of its predecessor, Hitman: Contracts. It revolves around the conflict between the International Contracts Agency (ICA) and a rival contract-killing agency, Franchise.

You have to help Agent 47 bring down the Franchise’s attempts to steal your cloning technology. Check out the trailer below to feel the action!

So, prepare to make a killing with Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal from November 30the! Also, check out this latest scoop from G-Star 2023, 7DS Grand Cross is getting a sequel, Seven Deadly Sins: Origin.