Worse Than Death

Home developer Benjamin Rivers has announced new game Worse Than Death

The talented horror developer Benjamin Rivers has announced that he’s working on a brand new horror game Worse Than Death, which will launch on iOS later this year.

You play as Holly, a 28 year old girl who returns home to confront her past, only to be faced with some kind of nightmare instead. Her best friend Flynn seems to be wrapped up in it too, as she’s trying to rescue him.

Worse Than Death is apparently like the X-Files meets Riverdale

Rivers describes the game as being like a fusion of the X-Files and Netflix show Riverdale. That sounds pretty neat to us.

We’re not entirely sure when Worse Than Death will launch on iOS, but it launches on Steam on May 21, so we’re hoping for a simultaneous release.

In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below. That should just about keep you occupied until the game launches. If not, you can always scour the Steam page for more information.

Heck, you can even read the prequel story on the official Discord, where you can vote to change the outcome of the plot. That’s awesome!

Of course, you could also play Rivers’s previous game Home, which is available on the App Store right now.