Featured Image for Honkai Impact 3rd. It features a valkyrie with pink hair. She is wearing red gloves and has a dark background behind her.

Gear Up For New Costumes And Enemies In The Late Honkai Impact 3rd Update

Honkai Impact 3rd is getting another update with tons of fun stuff in store. The update is set to go live on December 7. From donning new costumes to fighting new enemies, you can surely expect to take your excitement to an Elysian realm level!

What’s New?

Three new costumes have landed in Honkai-verse! The Saccharine Flash-Out outfit and Eternal Night’s Embrace outfit can be obtained by scoring 1680 B-Chips and 9600 crystals respectively. The third one, On Fair Clouds, is Starchasm Nyx’s outfit and you can acquire it by participating in the Griseo event. There is a new Griseo battlesuit, Cosmic Expression, an SP rank unit with light sabres. To obtain the battlesuit fragments, you can take part in adventure tasks and events. Take a peek at Griseo’s new battlesuit.

The featured event of the latest update is Starry Voyage: Strike Back! Playing the event will get you Interstellar Bills. You can use these tokens to shop the On Fair Clouds outfit, Cosmic Expression fragments, Energy devices, Crystals and more. The event battle is quite fun as you can fight using painted cards. You can choose among blue, yellow or red to build a strong deck and win the event.

There are also new enemies ready to fight you. Alien Guard – Supplement will appear as a boss in Abyss and an SS-difficulty boss in Memorial Arena. You can also find three Herrscher of Flamescion rank-up stamps in the Elysian Shop. Of course, you’ll need to have HoF first before using the stamps. If all these sound exciting, head to the App Store and try out the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd

HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact 3rd is an action RPG based on the manga spin-off of the same name. It’s the third game in the Honkai game series. The game offers a huge variety of Valkyries (playable characters), aesthetics, and gameplay, making it quite popular among gamers. I’m sure you’ll be trying out the game. Till the update arrives, check out our scoop on The OutCats and PONOS.