The image shows Acheron in a bottom up view whilst she holds an umbrella with a red underside. Her outfit is mainly greys, white and purple and she has long purple hair which is flowing in the wind

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Tier List – The Very Best Light Cones!

My Honkai Star Rail Acheron Tier List ranks each of the Light Cones for this unit from best to worst so you know which to apply directly to her.

Acheron has just landed in Honkai, so let’s get right into her best Light Cones. Rather than focusing on a typical tier, I’ve taken a different approach so you can have the best Acheron Build as soon as you pull her.

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Honkai Star Rail Acheron Tier List (March 2024)

Acheron is a lighting main 5-star unit who needs fitting Light Cones to excel in her Nihility Ability. Without further ado let’s get into the best from the worst including what each tier means.


As expected Acheron has a paired Light Cone which acts as her signature. Alongside this Light Cone, more may crop up which compete with it. This is the BEST Light Cone option for Acheron.

  • Along The Pass Shore (5-Star) – Acheron’s signature Light Cone


Great alternatives if you don’t have her ideal pairing Light Cones. These still offer a variety of buffs and are versatile enough to be considered solid options.

  • Goodnight and Sleep Well (5-Star)
  • Patience Is All You Need (5-Star)
  • Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat (4-Star)


Average Light Cone options that dip in variety and versatility, but aren’t entirely useless. They offer some niche uses.

  • Incessant Rain (4-Star)
  • In The Name of The World (5-Star)
  • It’s Showtime (4-Star)


Onto the weaker options, I’d stay away from these if possible since they don’t add much to her build if you try to utilize them.

  • Fermata (4-Star)


I would not recommend these Light Cones at all!

  • There are currently no D-Tier Light Cones for Acheron.