Feature image for our Honkai Star Rail Blade weapon tier list. It shows promotional art of the character 'Blade' along with a front shot of his character model. He's a wound man with long, dark blue hair who wears a long dark-colored jacket.

Honkai Star Rail Blade Weapon Tier List (March 2024)

Looking to find out all you need to know about the light cones for the newest Honkai: Star Rail character? Well you’re in the right place. Our Honkai Star Rail Blade weapon tier list covers the most effective skills so you can make sensible choices.

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest gachas RPG from the world-renowed developed MiHoYo, or Hoyoverse. It’s a space-faring turn-based RPG where you set out on an adventure aboard the space-train, the Astral Express. Check out the official website to try it out.

Honkai Star Rail Blade Weapon Tier List (2024)

  • S-Tier: The Unreachable Side
  • A-Tier: On the Fall of an Aeon, Something Irreplaceable
  • B-Tier: Nowhere to Run, The Moles Welcome You, Under the Blue Sky, Woof! Walk Time!
  • C-Tier: A Secret Vow, Collapsing Sky
  • D-Tier: Mutual Demise, Shattered Home

What Do Our Tiers Mean?

S Tier List

The best you can get. If you get one of these, make sure you keep it equipped. Overpowered and will give you a big edge over the average player.

A Tier List

Decent light cones that’ll give you the edge over the average player. Worth keeping around, though S-Tier is a bit better.

B Tier List

Decent enough, basically your average, solid player experience. You’ll do fine, but you might consider swapping out if you get the chance.

C Tier List

A bit below average. Best try something else unless you have something super specific in mind. There may be some niche uses that redeem it a little.

D Tier List

Don’t even bother. These are useless. Reroll ASAP.

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About The Game

Honkai: Star Rail is a huge free-to-play RPG from the makers of the phenomenal Genshin Impact. It’s a sci-fi RPG where you take on the role of the Trailblazer, an artificial human with a very dangerous artifact sealed inside them. No pressure.