the image shows dr ratio suspended in the air with a hand extended which is reaching for a blue light beam. In the background of him is a deep blue sky and surrounding that illustration of him is a paper-texture like brown background with details on him

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio Tier List – Best Light Cones

We are hoping that our Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio Tier List ratio’s the others out there! Our tier list is crafted to be ideal for the masses, unbiased and well-researched. This 5-star unit has a variety of compatible light cones. So we are here to tell you the best from the worst!

Honkai Star Rail is the newest gacha instalment from the team that also released the gacha game titan, Genshin Impact. Immerse yourself into a world of wonders, where adventure and thrill are plenty. Meet unique and diverse companions to team with as you head into battle in this thrilling RPG experience.

You can check out Honkai Star Rail over on the App Store! Before you head off on your new adventure, why not check out some of our other tier lists first such as Honkai: Star Rail Light Cone Tier List?

Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio Tier List

Whilst we aim to please the masses with a popular consensus, tier lists are still subjective. Our choices may not align with yours due to playstyle or simply you may think we got it wrong. Regardless, we hope this tier list was helpful! If not, check back for our monthly update and see if we get it right next time.


OP! These are a match made in heaven for Dr Ratio. Simply the best and the light cone you should be aiming to obtain.

  • Baptism of Pure Thought


Strong, just not the best! These light cones are decent if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier. Plus, they may be easier to obtain.

  • Worrisome, Blissful
  • Only Silence Remains
  • In The Night


Average light cones. They have a few niche uses if you’re flat out of better options.

  • Sleep Like The Dead
  • Return To Darkness
  • Cruising The Sellar Sea


Onto the weaker light cones, these possibilities are… Shall we say, dim?

  • Swordplay
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Ratio, take the L, maidenless. You get the idea, we don’t think these are good picks for Dr Ratio.

  • There are currently no light cones which we deem D-Tier