The image shows Jingliu Airbourne in front of a pale moon. She is holding a sharp iced sword in one hand pointing it downward. The sky around her is eerie and dark with fluffy lavender clouds surrounding her frame.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Tier List

Have you just obtained Jingliu but aren’t sure which Light Cones are best suited for your progression? Our Honkai Star Rail Jingliu tier list covers the rankings for Jingliu so you can perfect the build for this Icey character.

Honkai Star Rail is the newest gacha installment from the team that also released the gacha game titan, Genshin Impact. Immerse yourself into a world of wonders, where adventure and thrill are plenty. Meet unique and diverse companions to team with as you head into battle in this thrilling RPG experience.

You can check out Honkai Star Rail over on the App Store! Before you head off on your new adventure, why not check out some of our other tier lists first such as Honkai: Star Rail Light Cone Tier List.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Tier List

So let’s get into the tiers! I’d like to first remind you that tier lists are subjective. We try and aim for the popular consensus for our rankings, but if you disagree feel free to let us know how you would determine these ranks! Our tiers are crafted from user experience, player feedback, and research. So we like to think that ours does the job.


These Light Cone options are the most OP so far!

  • Brighter Than The Sun
  • I Shall Be My Own Sword
  • Something Irreplaceable
  • The Unreachable Side
  • On The Fall Of An Aeon


Still excellent alternatives for Light Cones. Don’t sleep on them just because they didn’t rank as S-Tier!

  • Under The Blue Sky
  • Nowhere To Run
  • A Secret Vow


Nothing to get too excited over, these are our averages. Great for early game, but you can definitely do better.

  • Collapsing Sky


Not worth it! We don’t recommend these Light Cones if you’re after participating in harder content.

  • There are no C-Tiers right now! Nice, at least your choices are better.


Eek! You’ll want to try and rank up as soon as possible.

  • There are no D-Tiers right now! At least all your options are better than the worst.

Who Is Jingliu?

Jingliu is the limited 5-star character who was available through the Character Event Warp in version 1.4. She possesses massive attack damage with her dual combination of being and Ice-type element and on the Destruction Pathway. She is considered to be one of the stronger Destruction type characters currently in game, with moves that damage herself and allies in return for massive raw power output on enemies.

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

We will update our tiers whenever there are new updates to the game that change the power scaling of the current Light Cones for Jingliu. Or, if new Light Cones become accessible for her. We try and keep our tiers as relevant and recent as possible so please check back!