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Honor Of Kings Gets A Regional Launch Today On iOS!

The popular MOBA game from China has just kicked off its regional launch. The Honor of Kings launch is happening in only specific regions, like South Asia, Turkey, North Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Middle East. It’s up for grabs on both Android and iOS platforms.

The game was already released in Brazil in March 2023. The official Honor of Kings launch date for the game is June 20, 2024 for countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and South Korea. This game’s been huge over in China since it popped up in 2015, and it’s even raked in over $10 billion.

What’s Honor Of Kings?

Honor of Kings is a team game where you and four others try to take down the enemy’s base. You work together and make fast moves. You need to push forward on three lanes to reach and wreck your opponent’s base while also protecting your own. Matches are pretty fast, usually between 15 to 20 minutes.

There’s a bunch of different heroes to choose from, each with their own special skills and attributes. Each hero also comes with his/her own class, such as mage, assassin, tank and marksman. You get heroes that are based on actual historical figures and some that are completely fictitious.

Honor of Kings is a lot like other MOBA games where you team up to take out enemy towers and advance into enemy territory. However, it’s the combat effects and visual elements that make it pretty enjoyable.

Is It Available In Your Region?

TiMi Studios Group and Tencent Games joined hands to build the 5v5 MOBA hit from China. Level Infinite stepped in for the global Honor of Kings launch. If you’re in any of the regions it launched today, get your hands on it by grabbing it from the App Store.

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