Deals: Get ‘Horizon Chase,’ ‘Superbrothers,’ ‘God of Blades,’ ‘Tengami,’ & More for $0.99 Apiece


iOS game sales are like buses. You wait ages for one, and then half the flippin’ App Store goes on sale at once. I’m not exaggerating either. There are a ton of great games available at a fraction of their usual prices today, including Horizon Chase, God Of BladesTengami and many, many more. Over at TouchArcade, they’re speculating that the price drops could be in preparation for some as-yet unannounced Apple feature, and I’m inclined to agree.

Anyhow, whatever the reason for it, this sale really is something special! I can personally vouch for just how awesome quite a few of the included games are — seriously, don’t sleep on Horizon Chase or Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP — but honestly, almost all of them are critically acclaimed heavyweights, so you could probably just pick up a bunch at random and still come away happy.

Here’s the complete list of discounted titles:

Horizon Chase: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Out There Omega Edition: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Legend Of Grimrock: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

God Of Blades: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Munin: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Tengami: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Sorcery! 3: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Deponia The Puzzle: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Danmaku Unlimited 2: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Kami: Was $1.99 » Now $0.99

Kiwanuka: Was $1.99 » Now $0.99

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Blockwick 2: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Also, here are a few TouchArcade missed in their round-up:

Lines the Game: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Strata: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Plasma Sky: Was $1.99 » Now $0.99

As ever, there’s no real telling how long this promotion will run for, so if there’s a title you’ve got your eye on, make sure you grab it quick before the price goes back up.

Source: TouchArcade