Horizon Chase, the Brilliant Retro Racer, is Celebrating its 5th Anniversary

Horizon Chase is a wonderful, retro-tinged racer that’s been doing amazingly since it was released on the App Store. That initial release was five years ago, and the dev is celebrating with some awesome new content and a sale.

That content comes in the shape of a sleek black version of the game’s Cruiser car. You can unlock it by playing through the game’s weekly challenge.

Well, the challenge is actually running until September 1st, so you’ve actually got a couple of weeks to complete all of the goals you need to unlock the new skin. We’ve stuck the trailer for the new content below.

As you can tell, it’s not just the anniversary that Horizon Chase is celebrating, it’s the fact the game has been downloaded 50 million times as well. We think we can all agree that those are some pretty impressive numbers.

Another impressive number is 60%. That’s the discount you can currently get on the unlock IAP in Horizon Chase. In the free version you get 30 tracks and seven cars. When you buy the IAP you get 95 tracks and more than 20 cars to unlock. You’ll also get extra goodies for finishing the weekly challenges and a set of ten different cups to compete in.

If you haven’t played the game before, now’s the perfect time to pick it up. You can click here to grab Horizon Chase from the App Store right this second.

Have you already played the game? Already fallen in love with it? Got some other opinion to share? Then let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.