‘Hot Tin Roof’ Hits 20K Kickstarter Target, Stretch Goals Definitely Still in Sight!


Recently Glass Bottom Games asked people everywhere if they believed that cats should wear fedoras, go on Metroidvania style adventures, and experience Lucas Arts style dialogue trees. To this the internet community of iOS and PC gamers shouted out with a resounding yes, reaching Hot Tin Roof’s funding target of $20,000 with a whole four days remaining on the clock. As a result, gamers everywhere looking for some noir themed exploration – centering around special revolver ammo – can be on the lookout for the game sometime around August of next year.

However – with four days remaining – there’s still work to be done, as Glass Bottom Games aims to make Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora even more amazing if stretch goals can be reached. While there’s probably not enough time left to get all the way up to the final objective, currently set at 60k, it may still be possible to reach the stretch goal at 30k: Little China Town. This addition would see Jones and Franky hunting down The Siamese – a crime boss trying to replace the Nip trade with his own concoction: Poppy Seed Muffins – and also add new Firework type ammunition, capable of lighting places up and starting fires.

So remember that if you want to help Hot Tin Roof – now definitely confirmed for production – become the best noir-themed Metroidvania style adventure ever, then time is rapidly ticking away.

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