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How To Get Shikai EXP in Type Soul Guide

Confused with the multiple EXP generative methods? My How To Get Shikai EXP in Type Soul Guide tells you how to gather this specific EXP and its use.

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How To Get Shikai EXP in Type Soul Guide

Shikai EXP is only beneficial if you’re a Soul Reaper. So, if you selected a different faction at the start of your journey then you needn’t worry about gathering Shikai EXP. For Soul Reapers, Shikai EXP allows them to grade up.

A Shinigami cannot surpass Grade 2 without Shikai EXP, which if not obvious, is different from Division and Missions EXP – the requirements beforehand to get to this grade.

Getting Shikai EXP

So, now you’re (presumably) Grade 2 and need this elusive EXP. To get Shikai EXP, you need to speed to your Shikai Spirit within your Spirit World. This can be done through Meditation by pressing the M key (or the same key bind). You can’t meditate before reaching Grade 2, and a pop-up will display a ‘Not enough Shikai EXP’ if you attempt.

After beginning Meditation, you’ll sit down in 20-minute increments whilst Shikai whispers slowly swirl around your avatar. After the first session, you’ll automatically stand and sit again to begin the next one. As you meditate you’ll gradually earn Shikai EXP. After three 20-minute sessions, your fourth sit will transport you into your Spirit World where you must fight your Shikai Spirit and win to surpass Grade 2.

Shikai EXP Uses After Grade 2

Shikai EXP becomes just as important as Division and Missions EXP post Grade 2. Once your Shikai Spirit is defeated, you’ll become Semi-grade 1. To rank up to the final Elite Grade, you’ll need to prove yourself by getting an assortment of different EXP’s including the Shikai EXP.