How to Smash the Competition in Every Mode in Smash Legends

Smash Legends is a game all about action, smashing and dominating the battlefield. It’s not just about mashing buttons though, you’re going to have to learn the ropes if you want to come out on top. And since there are plenty of different modes, that can pose quite the challenge.

And that’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s full of the best hints, tips and cheats for every mode in Smash Legends. We’ve even gone so far as to suggest which Legend is best-suited for each mode. Because that’s the sort of thing that we like to do. 

If you’re finding Smash Legends tough, or you’ve just started out and you feel like you’re being left behind by more competent players, well this is the guide you’ve been waiting for. Give it a read and you’ll be smashing everyone in Smash Legends in no time at all.


The key to winning in Harvest is collecting the fruit. Don’t try and get kills, because they’re not going to help you out at all. Instead, you want to keep the other team away from the fruits, especially the golden ones, which are going to give you even more points.

It’s a good idea to work together, with one Legend focusing on collecting the fruits with the others focusing on protecting them and keeping the opposing team at bay. Any high damage-dealer will work well for the collector. Witch Queen is great in one of the other roles, since she can control the other team and turn them into frogs with her ultimate.


You need to hold the center of the map in Dominion. In fact, it’s way more important than trying to smash other Legends. Don’t go chasing violence – focus instead on defending the domination point when you’ve captured it and keeping the opposing team at bay.

It’s a good idea to play as Cindy in Dominion, because her knock back moves will push opposing Legends out of the capture zone. You can then follow it up with your ultimate move to smash them when they’re down.

Crown Guard

In this mode every player on the team takes a turn at wearing the crown. You score points by killing the Legend that’s wearing the crown, and the first team to kill all the crown bearers is the winner. There are a number of different ways to approach this mode – one way is to play as a mobile character who can keep away when they’ve got the crown and dive in to attack when they don’t.

Another way is to play as Kaiser. This hulking beast of a Legend has massive HP and is good at soaking up damage. He’s not the most mobile, but he can protect the rest of his team when they’re wearing the crown which is an incredibly important part of winning in Crown Guard.

Team Deathmatch

This is your standard 3v3 battle to the smash. The first time to get to ten kills is the winner. It’s a good idea to find friends to play any of the team modes with, because then you can make sure that all of the Legends that you’re taking onto the battlefield complement each other.

You should definitely consider using Peter as your main in Team Deathmatch. He’s the perfect mix of damage-dealing, mobility and defense. His basic attack has decent range, and if you hit all three of the opposing Legends with his ultimate there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to take them down. 


This mode sees you fighting one on one against another player-controlled Legend. A lot of who you take into the arena depends on your personal preference, but you should always focus on the health potion that pops up, as keeping your HP high is the best way to win when you’ve only got one opponent.

Hook is a great character to use in Duel mode. Her ranged attacks let her keep enemies at a distance, negating a lot of their basic moves, and she can chain together multiple uses of her ultimate move if you use her right, dealing massive amounts of damage and annoying the hell out of the other player.

Battle Royale

This mode sees you fighting to be the last Legend standing. There are chests scattered around the arena which you should focus on opening in the early stages to power yourself up. When the arena starts shrinking, move into the center and try and pick off weak characters to keep ahead.

Red is one of the best characters in the game for Battle Royale. Use her ultimate to sneak up on characters who are opening chests or collecting spilt candies and deal massive damage before they know what’s happening. Her second move can take down multiple Legends if you use it wisely.

You can download Smash Legends from the Google Play Store (or the App Store and Steam) now. More information on the game is on the official website too.