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How To Walk In NBA All-World

Are you wondering how to walk in NBA All-World, without actually having to leave your house? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a guide that will teach you how to achieve this by spoofing your GPS location.

NBA All-World is a brand new basketball game where you’ll go head to head against the best shooters across the globe. For more information about the game, check out the official NBA All-World website.

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How To Walk In NBA All-World

There might be a few different reasons why you want to play NBA All-World without leaving your house, but that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to show you how to do it!

Recent years have seen mobile games deploy a similar blend of real life and mobile gaming like the style used in NBA All-World, such as Minecraft Earth and Pokémon GO. Those games, specifically Pokémon GO, raised the same query as NBA All-World does in regard to walking without actually going anywhere. Thankfully, methods were found for those games, and they can be applied to NBA All-World, too!

The method that we’ll be discussing in this article will focus on spoofing your GPS location, tricking the game into thinking you have moved, while in reality, you’re sitting comfortably at home. We’ll list a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial below…

  1. Download Tenorshare iAnyGo on your iMac or PC
  2. Connect your iPhone to your iMac or PC
  3. Open Tenorshare iAnyGo
  4. Select the Joystick Movement Option
  5. A screen will pop up, allowing you to set the movement speed – we recommend you set the movement speed realistically to avoid being flagged
  6. Set your destination
  7. Drag your circular button, found in the bottom left of the screen, and release it – your location will start to move at the set speed

Congratulations! You have achieved walking in NBA All-World without actually having to do any walking yourself! You’ll be able to adjust the direction whenever you want by using the joystick, and you’ll also be able to change the direction using the arrow keys.

About The Game

NBA All-World is a game which blends real life and mobile gaming to deliver a fun basketball experience! Travel to locations in your local area in order to shoot hoops in 1v1 matches against some of the best players around the globe.