How You Can Save Money Buying a New iPhone

Apple regularly releases improvements to its handsets, making them even better to play iOS gaming apps. For example, the new iPhone X has a huge, high quality screen with a minimal bezel allowing you to see the full picture when playing a game. Mobile games like Fortnite Battle Royale also count the iPhone X as their lead platform, having been designed specifically with the smartphone in mind.

Upgrades and changes to phones also mean changes to the list of devices that a game will support. Pokémon GO recently ended support for several iOS devices (including any device that is unable to upgrade to iOS 11) meaning that fans of the game will have to get a new iPhone or iPad in order to continue their quest to catch ’em all.

For iOS gamers, this can sometimes be very frustrating. Buying the latest, high-end iPhone can seem expensive but you don’t want to miss out on these fantastic gaming experiences either. Thankfully, though, there is a way for you to save a significant amount of money when buying a new iPhone.

What Makes a Refurbished iPhone So Affordable?

One of the most cost-friendly ways of getting a new iPhone is to purchase a refurbished iPhone. A refurbished phone is a phone that was previously owned by someone but has been sent or sold back to a retailer. The retailer has then deleted data from the handset, repaired the phone (if necessary) such as replacing a cracked screen or a worn out battery, before rigorously testing it.

These devices are of very good quality but because they have been owned by someone previously, retailers are unable to sell a refurbished iPhone as brand new. So, in order to sell the product it is sold as refurbished to you for a significantly discounted price.

Take the iPhone X as a prime example of this. If you buy a brand new iPhone either outright or through a 24-month contract from your cell carrier, it will cost you $999 to get the phone. In comparison, a refurbished iPhone X is available for just $750. That’s a massive $250 saving; money that you could spend on those cool Fortnite skins, some Pokémon GO lure models or on your other favorite iOS games and apps.

Refurbished iPhones Make It Easier to Upgrade

Refurbished iPhones can also benefit iOS gamers in the long-term. As mentioned, Apple regularly releases new improvements for its iPhones and as you want to take advantage of these improvements, you will want to upgrade your iPhone too.

Traditionally, when you get a new phone through a 24-month contract, you are locked to that device for the duration of the contract. Selling that phone, trying to get out of that contract, or requesting an upgraded handset often means that you will have to pay off the rest of the contract before you switch to a new handset. If you’re looking to save money, this is hardly the best way to go.

But when you’ve purchased a refurbished phone outright, you’re able to switch at any time. For example, if Apple releases a new iPhone 12 months after you purchased your refurbished iPhone X, because you’ve purchased your handset outright, you’ll be able to switch whenever you feel like (also saving money by purchasing the latest model as a refurbished version too!)

For gamers who are constantly looking to get the best graphics, the largest amount of RAM and most powerful processor, that ability to move from handset to handset is ideal.