Popular Turn-Based Tactical Folktale Howl Hits iOS Soon!

Ready to make an entry into the world of dark fairy tales, where beasts lurk around in the corners? Well, Howl, the popular turn-based tactical folktale, is making its way to mobile devices. Developed by Mi’pu’mi, this original title has already made a splash on other platforms. Published by Astragon, it’s set to launch on March 21st on iOS and will be free to play.

Take A Step Into The Dark FairyLand

In Howl, you’re thrust into a fairy-tale world that’s been decimated by an acoustic plague. So, basically, the plague turns people into beasts if they hear another beast’s howl. You’ll step into the shoes of the deaf protagonist who’s unaffected by this auditory curse.

You’ll get to navigate sixty levels filled with challenges. Cleverly guide her past ravenous wolves, the unfortunate victims of this plague while relying on stealth, deception and tactical smarts. You’re tasked with moving across grid-based maps, facing obstacles, beasts and rescues.

Early levels feel more puzzle-like with predictable enemies. As you gain more skills, Howl opens up into a more tactical experience. On that note, catch a glimpse of the game trailer below!

Will You Try It Out?

Howl has smart storytelling with a differently-abled protagonist. It has intuitive gameplay, a delightful presentation and a length that’s just right. The game’s hand-drawn graphics and the ink-on-paper vibe are charming. The storybook visuals and tactical challenges are a draw.

If you want to know more about the game, head to their official website. You can also go to the App Store and pre-order the game now. Also, check out the official YouTube channel where they regularly post updates and gameplay trailers.

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