Hungry Lizards Review

The premise behind Hungry Lizards (out now, $0.99) is as simple as the gameplay. You’re in charge of one starving lizard and have to help it catch its prey. Essentially, the more bugs you get, the more points you score.

190569_372837236153514_606188789_nThe controls are very simple. Perhaps too simple. One tap has the lizard leaping from one platform to the other—left to right or right to left. In midair, tap again and the lizard will flick out its tongue. If you time it right, the lizard will get its bug.

You can’t control how far or high the lizard jumps. Neither can you choose the direction the lizard flicks its long tongue. All the gameplay boils down to is timing. This is why Hungry Lizards may feel repetitive to some. It’s the sort of game you can pick up and immediately know within a few seconds whether you like it or not. Because the gameplay is essentially the same.

But if you enjoy such a game of timing, it can get challenging. Different bugs earn you different points. There is even a red ladybug that will double your score for subsequent insects you catch. On the other hand, if your lizard stings its tongue on a hornet, you’ll suffer a point deduction.

mzl.myuymrst.320x480-75Hungry Lizards has cute graphics and an original soundtrack. Currently, it offers ten levels (or rather, locations) and ten bosses (opponent lizards), plus bonus rounds you can unlock. There are three game modes: VS, Time, and Consecutive. The first is a competition against the AI. You start hunting for bugs in the morning, and when night falls, the lizard with the most points wins. In Time mode, you’ll be competing against the clock (four time options to choose from), while in the third mode your score is based on the number of consecutive bugs you catch, until you miss.

One good thing about Hungry Lizards is you can play either as a single player or against a friend in VS or Co-Op mode via bluetooth, Game Center, or Facebook.

iFanzine Verdict: Hungry Lizards is a simple game that may come in handy when you have young kids to entertain. Some older gamers may, however, find the game repetitive or even dull. The challenge in Hungry Lizards is all about timing it right, so if that’s something you enjoy, then this is a game you should try. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who prefer more variety in their gameplay.