Help Kickstart ‘I Hate My Job’, a Cathartic Game for Anyone Who’s Ever Had a Bad Day at Work


Normally “Not Safe For Work” has come to be internet slang for something you might not want to be looking at with people around, but Devious Gamers has recently proposed a game that would most likely be safe to play virtually anywhere except for work itself. In I Hate My Job you play an employee frustrated by eternally working his dead end job at the popular retail chain: SaveLe$$, until he eventually decides to start throwing every item on the cash-register’s conveyor belt at random customers. From there he’ll try to see just how high his score can go as he travels through a five-episode story campaign, all while being very careful to not accidentally clobber any of his innocent fellow coworkers.

Promised is a control scheme where you can either tilt your iDevice to aim, and then afterwards tap to throw; as well as another where you slide your finger around one side of the screen to aim, and then tap the opposing end to launch your produce. The disgruntled coworker may additionally power-up his toss by holding onto food for a while before releasing it, and even speed up the conveyor belt by building successful attack combos. Sometimes — when extra successful — this employee may even tap into his deepest rage and go into a special mode where everything is instantly charged up for maximum carnage, which is quite useful since charging attacks normally wastes valuable seconds.

25d24c4ae817c9e6bd2af36a5ee3ff54However, in order to bring I Hate My Job to the masses — especially with a multiplayer server in place — Devious Gamers were recently forced to approach Kickstarter’s community with a request for $3,000 (of which over $900 has so far been secured). Should the fundraiser’s relevant stretch goals be reached, they’d additionally like to include: extra playable characters, additional launch platforms (beyond mobile devices, which are the primary target), and even more campaign levels. Devious Gamers’ goals — with fourteen days still remaining — all seems to be plausibly accomplishable, but only if those interested make sure to ring up their donations before March 6th finally arrives.

Currently no reward tiers exist that include a copy of I Hate My Job, which is due to Devious Gamers’ goal to release their app to the greater mobile gaming populace at the price tag of absolutely free. However, those whom help out can still look forward to rewards like: being listed in the game’s credits, an official backer T-Shirt, infinite in-game currency, a copy of the soundtrack, the chance to help with level design, and more! Meanwhile — for those whom happen to have a whopping extra $1,000 on hand — you can even obtain the ultimate honor: appearing in-game as a playable character, meaning that retail workers everywhere may choose to play as you whenever they seek to let off steam.