Identity V poster featuring two characters from the game against a festive backdrop for the Holiday event titled Letter on a Snowy Night.

Identity V Celebrates this Holiday Season with New Christmas Event

This Holiday season, Identity V is hosting a new event titled Letter on a Snowy Winter Night. As the festive spirit descends on the manor, you get to nab exciting holiday-themed skins, costumes, and furniture! In this Christmas special, you will help the Postman deliver a stack of letters while solving other mysterious quests on the side.

Letter on a Snowy Winter Night

Everyone likes to add a bit of sparkle to their outfits on Christmas. And the characters in Identity V are no different! In the latest event, the Postman, Painter, and Feaster are all seen donning outfits that resemble Krampus, the horned anthropomorphic figure from European folklore. But fear not! Identity V is known for making even their scariest villains look adorable. If you search the event store, you will also find special outfits for the Bartender, Cowboy, and Attendant.

In Letter on a Snowy Winter Night, you primarily help the Postman deliver Christmas letters to the right recipients. Each time you figure out a recipient, you receive a reward! You can earn a variety of rewards, such as Coordinator and Sculptor ensembles, event portraits, picture frames, and upgradable furniture, including a carpet, fireplace, Christmas tree, and your very own snowman! For every task you complete, you gain tokens that you can redeem at the event store.

About Identity V

Identity V is a 1 vs 4 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game by NetEase. Four players work together as survivors to decode ciphers, open gates, and escape the hunter, who is controlled by a fifth player. With a gothic Victorian setting, the game begins when players are summoned to investigate an abandoned manor.

The event, titled Letter on a Snowy Winter Night, has already started and will run through December. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the festive check-in event. Also, make sure to regularly check for updates as more features, including a Christmas map, will open on December 21. Although this particular map will be available for only a limited time, it promises players unique fun-filled experiences like ice skating and snowball fights.

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