Idle Clans update

Get New Features, Levels And Clan Security In The Latest Idle Clans Update!

Idle Clans, the cross-platform multiplayer idle RPG, just got a major update today! They’ve added some cool features including safer ways to team up with your buddies and keep your account safe. Keep reading to get the full scoop on the Idle Clans update!

What’s New?

The new Idle Clans update now lets you easily hop into open lobbies created by other players for some monster-bashing action or to take on the Reckoning of the Gods. No more struggling to find party members because this new system helps you team up with folks in your zone super easily.

Leaders can now make their parties public and even check out the stats and gear of everyone in the lobby, giving them the power to kick out any unwanted guests. Oh, there’s tighter security now! You can set up optional two-factor authentication via SMS.

Sending items to your pals just got a whole lot smoother too. You can now pick who you want to send stuff to from a list of your recent teammates. No more hunting through your friends list, just pick a name and hit send.

Unsure About How To Manage Your Clan?

When you try to delete your clan, there’s a 7-day grace period. This gives you some time to sleep on it and make sure you’re not making a decision you’ll regret later. They’ve also added raid party chat in the lobby.

There are also some tweaks to inventory interactions. Plus, they’ve cleaned up the personal shop listings so you won’t accidentally try to sell stuff you can’t trade. The Attack mastery capes are now clearer, too.

Idle Clans is an RPG developed by Isam Games Oy. With nearly 20 different skills to level up, tons of upgrades to unlock, and hundreds of items to collect, there’s always something new to discover. If you have never played the game, check it out on the App Store!

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