Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Idle Supermarket Tycoon: 10 Top Tips to Build a Supermarket Franchise

Idle Supermarket Tycoon is easily one of the best idle games to launch on iOS this year so far. It challenges you to build your own franchise of supermarkets, from a humble mini mart all the way to a mega superstore.

You’ll have to manage the entire store, from staff, to delivery trucks, to the sort of goods you can sell in your store. As you can imagine, you’ll achieve this with a series of taps.

While it’s pretty straightforward stuff, we have got 10 tips to help you build your franchise faster.

  • Watch an ad whenever possible: Unless you don’t mind progressing at a trickle speed, we recommend that you watch an ad whenever you get the option. These are incredibly rewarding – particularly those that double your money.
  • Collect delivery truck cash: Your delivery trucks will park patiently just next to your supermarket, waiting for you to collect the cash. Don’t ignore this as it’s incredibly lucrative, and the longer a truck is waiting at your supermarket, the less time they’re spending earning money.
  • Complete missions for gems: Idle Supermarket Tycoon has a mission system that’s easy to miss. Simply tap on the exclamation mark on the top right of the screen to get an objective you can complete for rewards.
  • Move to a different city whenever possible: As soon as you’ve earned enough money, you can move to a new city where your profits will soar. Check how much it costs and do so as soon as you’ve earned enough to progress faster.
  • Upgrade in a balanced manner: If you want to keep your supermarket running smoothly, upgrade everything in a balanced manner. There’s no point having a speedy checkout system if everyone’s queuing to collect groceries, after all.
  • Build new departments: As soon as you can afford a new department, get it. This seriously boosts your income more than a series of upgrades ever could. Prioritise these.
  • Hire more staff: Again, more staff increases your productivity, which will increase your profits at a much faster rate than a bunch of upgrades will.
  • Prioritise: Pop out of the menu screens every now and then and actually take a glance at your supermarket. That way you can easily prioritise what you need to upgrade next. If there’s a queue somewhere, upgrade it.
  • Don’t ignore epic upgrades: Epic upgrades are hidden away in a menu, but improve a variety of statistics that can increase your production. You’ll need gems to unlock these, but you’ll earn a steady stream of them if you’re completing missions and watching ads.
  • Keep your ad campaign live: You can watch an ad every hour or so to keep an ad campaign live, which seriously boosts your profits. Even if you’re busy in real life, we recommend popping back to keep this live as often as possible.