If You Register an Account on Skilli World You Could Win the $1000 Prize Draw

You would like $1000: true or false?

Obviously the answer is true, and as it happens we’ve got a topical way to get your hands on that money. Under The Tree, developer of true-or-false quiz app Skilli World, is offering trivia fans the chance to enter a prize draw for a cool $1000. 

To put your name in the hat, all you need to do is download Skilli World onto your Android or iOS device and register an account. 

Of course, the app lets you win money in a more conventional way too. 

Skilli World is a pay to play trivia app which hosts Daily Mastermind Tournaments for $5 a pop. When you register you’ll get a golden ticket entitling you to a free game, so you can try your hand at it without spending any money, and perhaps even win a share of the prize pot worth $500-$1000. 

Every day’s quiz takes place at the same time, and about half of them are themed. So if you don’t fancy your chances at general knowledge, you can always enter a quiz on South Park, for example, or Game of Thrones, or a variety of other subjects. It’s time to leverage your fandom. 

Fact or fiction?

The true/false question format makes Skilli World one of the friendliest and most accessible trivia apps on the market, though the questions range from straightforward to fiendishly difficult. 

For instance, you’re probably all aware that Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian, but can you honestly claim to know whether or not Deadmau5’s real name is Richie Hawtin? Of course not.

Skilli World contains other modes alongside the Daily Mastermind Tournaments. There’s the 1v1 Friend Hut, the General Party Hut, and the Tutorial, all of them available to play 24/7. 

Or you could just sit back and wait for your name to be called in the prize draw. The winner will be announced via Instagram on the 15th of December. 

Follow @SkilliWorld to stay in the loop, and you can find Skilli World on both iOS and Android. Don’t get forget to turn on Notifications in the app so you don’t miss your first game as well!